DATE  5th September ~ 8th September


毛利美穂/Miho MOURI

Mouri is an artist, who paints vegetables and fruits.
She uses Japanese natural mineral pigments as well as acrylic paints for her vivid artworks and sometimes also foils, which is one of Japanese traditional art techniques.
The artist living in the countryside also has a green thumb: Her affection to the natural beauty of the harvest are reflected in the freshness and liveliness of her artworks.
Vegetables and fruits represent not only seasons but some of them typically good luck and prosperousness.
She translates them colorfully but with dignity into modern forms, which attracts collectors in and outside Japan.

稲恒佳奈/Kana INATSUNE

Modern society is very busy and overflooded with information.
However, in Inatsune’s world of art times passes much slower and calmly.
She depicts people in different scenes rhythmically but each of them differently.
Her artworks dealing with “scenes which every Japanese somehow knows” or “passionate moments of Japanese feast” convince a wide range of national and international fans.
Her originality using mineral pigments on hand-made Japanese paper and linen conveys a special quality which makes her artworks more interesting.

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